Unable To Follow Protocol

I have set up a food protocol for myself a month ago and ever since that day I was able to follow it only on two non-consecutive days overall.

Each day my brain came up with: “Let’s start on Monday” and now it comes up with “Let’s start after Passover” or “With all that is going on with the coronavirus, this is not a time to add stress and limit food. This is a survival time.”

I’ve followed the protocol on my last year as a scholar and know how to allow urges and feel discomfort, but for some reason, my brain refers back to the virus and shortage of food as a survival reason to postpone losing weight because I need every morsel of fat on my body.

Given that the coronavirus IS a Circumstance and not a Thought, and given the fact that there is already a shortage of several foods (rice, salads, many fruits and vegetables are no longer available in my area), I have two questions:

1. How do I know if my brain alerts me to a true survival issue or not?
2. If it’s my lower brain who does the talking, how do you suggest using this opportunity and come on the other side of it with weight loss, vitality and feeling proud?