Unanswered Urges

I am going through the Stop Overdrinking course and getting ready to start tracking my unanswered urges.

My question is this: if I have an urge for a drink at, say, 5 pm and I allow it to be there until it fades away, but then experience another urge at 7 pm and decide to have a drink then, does the 5 pm urge still count as unanswered, or does giving in to the 7 pm urge cancel out unanswered urges for the night?

Furthermore, if I experience urges at 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, etc., but don’t answer any of them, do I count each urge toward my 100 total urges, or are they all basically different iterations of one big urge for the night?

Thanks so much for clarifying.