Uncertainty & Control Regarding My Goal

I have a question about dealing with uncertainty related to my big goal.

In one of the coaching calls that I listened to, I remember Brooke saying that “the only thing we know for certain is uncertainty” Or something along those lines. Basically, the only thing certain in life is uncertainty. I have a tendency to want to control everything in my life, so I’m a control “enthusiast” as Brooke would say 🙂 But how do I reconcile the strong desire for control of my life, while accepting the truth that technically my goal is not 100% certain or guaranteed to succeed?

Unintentional Model:

T- Nothing is 100% guaranteed in life and neither is my goal (In other words, my goal is not guaranteed)
F- Discouraged/disempowered
A- Take less action
R- goal is not reached

Intentional Model:

T- I am in control of my life & my goals, therefore, I can guarantee the outcome of my goal by not giving up
F- empowered
A- continue working on my big goal
R- I continue to reach my goal by creating my results

I’m having trouble believing the intentional thought because I don’t truly believe I can technically “guarantee” anything in life. If it’s uncertain, then technically there aren’t any guarantees, right?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!