unconditional love

Hi there. I am in coach certification and we are learning about unconditional love. I am filling out the workbook and having a very hard time with this. I chose my ex husband as the person who is most challenging for me and I cannot seem to find a way to have unconditional love for him.

He was extremely abusive to the point where I was scared for my life and now, even in divorce, he does whatever he can to torture me. How can I love a person who is hell bent on hurting me every chance he gets? I get that the feeling of love is for me to feel, not him… I get that intellectually but have you ever been through systematic narcissistic abuse? Has your husband threatened to kill you on multiple occasion so that you needed to sleep with your phone under your pillow in case you needed to dial 911 in the middle of the night or needed to set up a safe house for you and your kids so you could escape? How is this possible? I would love to feel love but it seems impossible…. help!