Unconditional Love – Is this always the answer?

Hi!  I have a follow-up question concerning Lisa’s brilliant live coaching call, which I just watched.

The caller identified “the problem” as being her husband’s reaction to something she did (which she felt was right and which she felt good about).  So his angry reaction went in the Circumstance line, and her desired Result line was to have a peaceful weekend.  She decided that the Thought would be to just think about how much she loves him as this would lead her to feel love (her Feeling line), do and say nice things, etc. (her Action line), which would lead to her having a peaceful weekend (her Result).

I must admit part of me was thinking if this method works to bring us peace i.e. that we just choose to love the other person unconditionally regardless of their actions, how would you know when a situation was bad for your well-being in some way?

I am really working on loving and accepting the people in my own life and I definitely see the benefits of this, but what does it look like to love someone unconditionally who may actually be bad for you in some way?  Isn’t there a danger that you could end up staying in a relationship that doesn’t serve your highest good, because no matter what the person does you feel/show love?  What does this look like in practice?

And are there any specific tools that we could use to help us discern when it is good to move on from someone or let them go?

I thought I’m trying out is “I have my own back no matter what”, (this thought seems to be the answer to a few of my models so far!!) and I wonder if this thought could be helpful to show me when I need to remove myself from a situation/ relationship rather than continuing to stay and feel love.

I would appreciate you directing me to any resources that could help – thank you!