Unconditional Love Towards Invaders

Hi coaches!

Some time ago I decided to strive to love people unconditionally because I can clearly see the benefits of such a choice for me and the world, I live in. However, I have a hard time loving Russians who destroy my country, rape, and kill my people here in Ukraine and for everyone who condones it either explicitly or by not taking any action.

So, when I hate these people, I act out of integrity with myself, and it feels like I betray the person I want to become. And when I don’t, when I think about loving them or even just focusing on understanding their reasons, I just cannot see how I will be able to defend myself if the need ever arises. How can I kill people (or be okay with Ukrainian soldiers defending my country by killing them) if I feel love towards them and understand why they do what they do?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on that matter.