Unconditional Love vs. being authentic

I am listening to a podcast as part of the relationships curriculum in the vault. I thought I was being honest/telling the truth at work when I asked for my    co -workers to be more accountable about their work. I was their leader. This was on the basis that if we all do our best work we will have a better outcome for our employer and ourselves. I wanted to let them do whatever but I was being told they should not be doing things that way, by my colleagues who are similar leaders over their own workers.
The workers took my feedback as I was mean and complained about me because they didn’t want to do any work. I was let go and they continue doing sub-par work without being held accountable.
I think it was because I was expecting them to behave differently and because I felt justified in trying to change their behavior. I felt they were not doing their job and this had to do with me.
Can you please help me clarify where I went wrong?