Unconditional love – when to leave

Hello! So I’ve been listening to Brooke’s teachings on love and unconditional love and it’s really blown my mind.

I can completely understand the concept of loving everyone, regardless of what they do or don’t do. But what I’m finding it hard to get my head around is if we can love everyone and anything, when would we know that we truly want to leave them – or whether we’re allowing our ‘thoughts’ to cause the feeling that we want to leave? When should we just stay and work on our thoughts?

For example if you’re in a relationship where nothing major is going wrong but you just don’t feel as happy as you used to, you feel like you’ve lost the connection, and that you may not want to be with this person anymore – do you stay and work on your thoughts or leave?

I’ve heard Brooke say you should do both – and love them before you leave. But my question then is, when would you ever want to leave if you could be happy anywhere? Like if someone requires what feels like a lot of thought work to stay with, is that not a good enough reason to decide to leave?

I feel like it’s such a hard thing to get my head around, so any more words of wisdom / info you could provide would be amazing!

Ps. I’m not actually in this situation, it’s just hypothetical and me trying to blow my own mind 🙂