Unconscious eating/habit

I am still struggling in one part of my eating. I have a good protocol and following for my main meals (lunch & supper), then here’s what I do: I cook different food for my kids & husband than what I eat. While I am preparing their food, I try it, a few bites here and there. Then we all eat, I eat my healthier meal while they eat their tator tot casserole or whatever. Then at clean up time, I pick up their plates and before scraping their uneaten food into the garbage I eat their scraps. Yes, I look like the family dog! I do this so unconsciously that I can’t even find a thought in my head before it happens. I have been trying to stay conscious with myself and not do it…but no joke it’s like a reflex without a thought. I have tried to work the model to change my thoughts, but I can’t even find a thought. I know your answer is…there is always a thought. But it feels like this is such a strong habit I have developed that I am unconscious to it. I think you would call it a thought-loop error.
Do you have any suggestions on how to approach such a strong habit? I am down to only needing to lose those “last 10 pounds” so I know this habit is hurting my ability to get there. I am 5’6″ at 145 & want to get to 135.
Any help with this would be appreciated!