Unconscious negative self talk all day!

I have known for quite sometime that I have a lot of negative self talk that’s buzzing around in the background. I’m putting the work in to changing the thoughts, however, I am really starting to see how much I beat myself up throughout the day. I compare and despair and it’s great to have the awareness but sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere because those thoughts of, “You don’t have all the external things everyone has so why bother doing inside work!” is loud!!! This thought is always playing out in my subconscious and consciousness mind. Yes I can do models, yes I can journal, yes I can get curious, yes I see these are thoughts, yes I can come up with bridge thoughts but I’m feeling defeated because I’ve done so much work on myself and yet Friday and Saturday I was around certain people and my negative, mean thoughts were right in my face.

I ended up buffering with food. Just feeling defeated. Wondering if you have any advice that doesn’t entail, “think a new thought!”

Thank you!