unconscious down time model

Ive been very grouchy lately and buffering and came up with this models to figure out why:
C: daily routine
T: I don’t have any fun
F: grouchy
A: buffer
R: gain weight, brain urging for dopamine again which of course..is not any fun

Doing models and downloads to find new thoughts was only helping during the day. I was still buffering at night. So I came up with this model to help me make better choices in the evenings:
C: desire (want)
T: It’s not about food, it is about going unconscious
F: conflicted
A: choose between consciousness and unconsciousness
R: conscious about my choice

This is an improvement, but the feeling is still conflicted because I actually WANT to be pleasantly unconscious. I am weary with all the work involved with staying conscious in order to change.
C: evenings
T: I want to have unconscious down time
F: agitated
A: buffer
R: temporary unconscious pleasure that does not serve me in the long run

I am trying to get to where I can go unconscious in the evenings to “take a break” from all the brain junk without the negative consequence from eating. I tried buffering with netflix because I thought that would be a “no brainer” activity that would not have a negative consequence, but that’s not solving it. I still want to eat, because the original thought is still there “I don’t have any fun”. I know how to solve for this. It looks something like this:
C: brain urging me to eat
T: This is though error. Stop freaking out, brain. It’s going to be fine.
F: willingness
A: name feeling, describe vibration, model for better thought, give brain something else to focus on
R: brain refocuses on what I tell it to and I wear feeling like a heavy purse until it passes

That is all great, and I really am appreciative of the tools but there is still the desire to have a break from all that work. I still want to have unconscious down time where I am just relaxed and not having to go through all of that over and over every day and especially at night. This is where I get stuck with my models.
C: evening down time
F: pleasantly relaxed

Will you please help me? I thought about volunteering for live coaching on it Thursday since the call is in the evening when I can attend, but am hoping to get some relief before then. Thank you.