Undeniable Proof That Thoughts Create Feelings

For context, I’m a brand new Scholar and my first objective is to stop being so annoyed with everything around me, especially my wife.

When I first heard “thoughts create feelings” I inherently believed it.

I’ve worked a few models and think I’ve seen positive results.

This evening, belief turned to astonishing proof at how quickly a changed thought can create a changed feeling, and I think the best way to describe it is in a model…

C: While bending over to tie my shoes my wife patted me on the butt

T: I’m super uncomfortable tying my shoes because of my extra large stomach in the way and she’s making it harder to get finished with this discomfort

F: annoyed

A: In the middle of T, I interrupted with the question, “what alternative thought could I have?”, and the first thought that came to mind was, “she loves me”

R: My annoyance immediately vanished and I immediately felt love for my wife! (and it didn’t take any extra time to finish tying my shoes)

Did I take a short cut and miss something I shouldn’t miss? If it was a short cut, it felt pretty amazing.