Under earning

I’m one of those women who has enough money but doesn’t earn it herself. My husband has a successful business. I do everything else, house, kids, all kinds of meetings, and also manage a shop that is part of the business, purchasing items, visiting fairs, finding staff, interviewing, photo-sessions for website etc. etc. I consider myself still an under-earner, since I think I could do more, and more especially done by me, not as part of the ‘family income’. I would like to be able to measure my success better, almost idealising how it used to be, before the kids, when I had a well paid full time job and felt responsible for it. It’s like it now feels less structured and clear, a bit messy.
For my husband there’s no issue, “we have enough money, so what the problem, it’s our shared money”. It just doesn’t feel like this for me.

I’ve made a model:
C. My personal income
T. I don’t use all my potential
F. Guilty
A. Avoiding/hiding
R. Not having my personal income

C. My personal income
T. I can structure the part I do, and make it ‘my business’
F. Motivated
A. Figure it out
R. A clear description of my own responsibilities>income

It sounds nice, but I don’t get excited. What comes back is my thought: “Why would I make it so complicated, enjoy the life as it is”. And then I think, “this shop came as an extension of his business and wasn’t my dream”. I used to work in another field.

What’s you take on this?