Under the influence

I’ve noticed my opinions of things fluctuate based on what I’ve been doing a lot of. If I’ve been on a yoga intensive, I meditate a lot and eat less meat for a week or two. If I’ve been learning a new skill, it’s the best thing ever and then I go all in and practice every day. Until the course is over. If I’m following one particular teacher or coach, I think their way is the best way. Until I hear someone else’s way. Then I think maybe that’s what I should be doing.

I’ve been doing this my whole life and I think one thing is what I want, but I realize it’s based on someone else’s influence. I’m not sure what I actually want to do, or really like to do. At this point I have an amazing amount of skills, and I have a deep understanding of multiple schools of thought when it comes to self improvement. I know intellectually there’s no right answer and I just need to pick something and go all in on it, and ask myself if I could pick anything and it would be either way, I still don’t have an answer.