Underearning How Much Do I Want To Make

I know down deep I am underearning. The most we have ever made in a year is $150,000 (closer to $75,000 after expenses). I know we could bring in $250,000. But I also know I’m capable of making 1 million per year if I really put my mind to it (practiced letting go of limiting beliefs and bringing in new ones that made me feel like a 1 million per year person!). However, because my mind is more familiar with the $150,000 limit, is it best that I set the goal of “I want to make $250,000 per year” first because that “feels” more realistic to me RIGHT NOW? Brooke says in the underearning video to choose a number that scares you but also excites you. Honestly, $175,000 would scare and excite me since we’ve never brought that in before… SO, the question is. Do I put my goal right above where we’ve made before? ($175,000), Or to the money I want to make ($250,000), or to the amount I know I could make once my mind is caught up with my inner being/higher self knowing? Hopefully this isn’t confusing 🙂