Underearning: How to set the amount of money I want

I am new to the program. I want to earn more money. I make 20 000 euros/year. I listened to the first video about “underearning,” and I am struggling to set the amount of money I want to make.

First, I wrote 40 000 because my first goal was to save 20 000 this year. Then I wrote 100 000 because this is the maximum I can (hardly) believe on. And I realise that it is because I don’t know anybody who makes more than that!

If I let myself dream a little, I would like to make 400 000 because I could buy a better house than the one I have.

– I realise I cannot help thinking with precise objectives (savings, new home), and it is limiting.
– I cannot imagine making 100 000 or 400 000 a year! I want to make it within three years, but then I’m fine (ah ah).
– I cannot help imagining steps: 40 000 this year, 100 000 within three years, 400 000 within five years.

I can feel the limitation of my imagination, although I feel very capable of making money, and I really want to make more money. I want a 700 000 euros house…

Can you help me to set my amount?

Thank you very much!