Underearning/Making more as a teacher?

Hi, I’m not sure if I understood Brooke’s coaching of the teacher in the Money video earlier this week. I thought she was saying that the teacher had the opportunity to earn $150k if she stayed as a teacher; if she became a full-time life coach; and if she did a combo of both. They discussed details of how the last two would work–but how would a public school teacher earn $150k AS a public school teacher? Does this always assume that the teacher would essentially have a second job to supplement her base salary?

I had a similar question in the podcast where Bev hit a salary ceiling as a speech pathologist. Does earning her value also have to mean leaving her chosen career and/or adding a second one on top? If the hospital salaries are capped at $50k, how could she 6X her salary in that position?

We’re being asked to reconsider the notion that earning more has to involve a lot of extra time, but adding on a second job on top of being a full-time educator or health care provider definitely falls into this category of spending a lot more hours for the extra money. I get the concept of adding extra value and getting a higher salary in certain corporate settings, but I don’t see how this plays out in public servant roles.

Am I missing something, or can you please provide examples of how this has worked for people? Thanks!