Underestimating work

I have to estimate how long I think my work is going to take me to complete at my job. I am noticing a pattern that I tend to underestimate because I think that I should be able to do it faster than I really am able to. Does this unintentional model look right to you?

C: We estimate our work at my company
T: I always underestimate
F: shame
A: (I asked myself what do I do when I feel shame as it relates to estimating my work?) I think I should be able to do it faster than I initially think, so I cut back my estimate.
R: I continue to underestimate and get a result I don’t want

C: same
T: I am learning how to accurately estimate my work
F: confident
A: check past estimates with the actual time I spent working to complete my tasks
R: I learn to more accurately estimate my work

Goal thought: I always accurately estimate my work.

Bridge thoughts:
It might be possible that I can always accurately estimate my work.
Other people are able to accurately estimate their work.
Maybe I can do it, too.
It is possible.
I’m figuring this out.