Underlying Hostility

I have a 9-year-old and 12-year-old daughter. Overall, it feels like there is underlying hostility between my two kids and is perpetuated by my husband (their dad). I did a thought download and created two models that I would like some help with so I can show up as a strong mother who helps both of my kids.

C: On the way home from school, my 9-year-old told me she feels picked on at school. She is in 3rd grade.
T: It’s happening again – as background she had a really hard year the previous year (2nd grade) (2020 until COVID and we got to stay at home, this created a buffer, her dad was deployed for 4 months and she was much happier, more outgoing, and confident).
F: Frustrated, sad
A: Asked if she wanted me to talk with her teacher, I let her just talk and let her tell me all the things that happened and wrote down notes to do EFT tapping with her later.
R: I never got around to tapping with her, I feel like I failed her.

This morning, there was a situation between my daughters, I felt hostility between the two. My 9-year-old feels like her sister never listens to her and my older daughter just wants to be left alone to read or do a project in her room. I am open to believing that I can figure this out, that I can help my 9-year-old feel empowered. I don’t want to be in her model, but I also want to help her feel safe (not picked on), I want her to have confidence and to feel like she has friends. Can you help me create an intentional model around this to help me help her?