Understand material intellectually, but struggling with believing new thoughts


I’ve been in Scholars for a year and I’ve learned a ton and consumed a lot of the material. I understand the material very well intellectually but I haven’t put much of it into practice. I take full responsibility for that and I realize I simply need to make a decision and commit to doing the daily homework, etc. [And I need to think a thought that will inspire me to do my HW every day 🙂 ]

That being said, I really want to get serious about doing the models that are going to create the results that I want. I’ve been doing thought downloads every day and I can clearly see which thoughts serve me and then I do the intentional models and I feel better, etc.

But I still feel like I’m still struggling to change my deep-rooted beliefs because my actions are not aligning with the results I want. (I realize that’s a thought in and of itself) I’m just not believing certain thoughts that I know will serve me so much better and I keep believing old thoughts that I know are NOT serving me. How can I rewire my thoughts?

Your help is greatly appreciated!