Understanding Boundaries

Hey Brooke!

I’ve listened to your podcasts on boundaries and the How to Feel Better program but it still trips me up and I find it hard to explain to other people which tells me I’m not fully understanding it. I think I’ve heard you say something like, boundaries are for our own self care. I was just talking with a friend who was upset with her husband because he has been snapping at her lately and talking to her in away she doesn’t like or want her son to think is okay. Since her husband gets to behave and say whatever he wants, she can of course make a request that he not talk to her that way but could she also set a boundary? So tell him when you snap at me/talk to me that way I’m going to leave the room? Right now she says she just won’t respond which seems more passive aggressive but if she told him “when you talk to me like that, I’m not going to respond” is that a boundary as well? To me this one doesn’t seem as effective but I’m curious if it’s still an appropriate boundary?