Understanding coach answer on feelings

Hi there, I would like some insights on a question-answer already posted:

I am feeling resistance towards my job. In my private coaching session I was asked “Why are you doing it?” and “Are you doing it for reasons that matter to you or because someone else would think better of you?” Now when I explain the reasons why I am doing it I can make a list of all the reasons that seem to being compelling me to do this job. But how can I be sure that I am really living from that why, that that is the why (and so the model) I am really operating from, and I am not just bullshitting myself (=doing from different reasons/different model)?

Go to your body.
Our feelings tell the truth.
Slow down, get quiet, and say out loud “I’m staying because I want to.”
Then go to your body.
Does that feel true or like a lie?

Ok this is crucial. How do we tease apart A from B?
A: feelings are not a problem, can be felt but also transformed – feelings can sit in the backseat and we go on with our lives – we can coach ourselves out of a recurrent feeling of shame/overwhelm/etc. – feelings are not emergencies, are not truth, are caused by thoughts, and like them occur to us – if a feeling is recurrent I might be just used to/practiced in playing that model – an urge does indicate to us what we should go get, often is just the result of thought errors.
B: feelings tell the truth – a recurrent feeling is hiding some true information – feelings give us an indication of what decision to take.

If I follow what the previous coach told me I for sure have used coaching to coach myself out of the truth… I’m questioning a lot now… this understanding A vs. B it is important. Thanks in advance.