Understanding emotions

I’m new to scholars and new to actually feeling my emotions. I’ve managed to do it once and the anger I’d been carrying around for 4 days and taking out in my family after a therapy session disappeared and didn’t come back after 20 mins sitting quietly just letting myself feel.

How do I learn to feel and process emotions while I’m at work or looking after my small kids, 2 and 4? This seems difficult without being on my own and making space to do it…..

I often feel anxious and not good enough at work. If I experience negative emotions should I take 10 mins to do the model? I worry I should be working but perhaps this is the most helpful thing I can do to get a hold of myself and move back into a space of action?

I’m not sure I really understand what each emotion is? I’ve been avoiding them for so long. Does scholars provide a list of emotions and definitions and where would I find this?? Thanks!!