Understanding The Impossible Goal Concept

I would love your clarification on the impossible goal concept:

I read through December’s material and I wrote down two goals I would like to pursue:
1. During 2020 I will lose 45 pounds for the last time and maintain my weight.
2. During 2020 I will have my first paid work as a screenwriter.

The first one I know IS POSSIBLE because I’ve done that on my first year as a scholar.
I know the protocol that works for me, I have the skills to allow urges, I know what works, it’s as good as done.

The second one I notice my brain thinks it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE but since it’s the most important for me I don’t want to use it as The Impossible Goal if all along I am meant to accept that it will never happen.
A part of me wants to believe that it IS possible. Why not? Why not me? Why not in 2020? I ask.

And to these questions my brain have answers, such as:

Well, you have no script to sell.
The ones you wrote didn’t get you anywhere.
You live outside LA.
You have no connections in the industry.
You are not as talented.
You struggle often to overcome writer’s block.
You are anxious to write.
The market is so flooded with other greater screenwriters.

And so I wonder if I should choose the 2nd goal even though all along I am meant to accept that it will never happen?