Hi Brooke!
I’m reading some students’ answers to a questionnaire I gave them and underlining whatever they’ve written with 5 different colours – one for each of the CTFAR model. But here’s the problem – in which category does “understanding” go? For instance, “I understand most of the dialogue in English” or “I don’t understand the press article’s title”. Can it be a circumstance, a thought, an action or a result? I tend to think that understanding is not something that you do consciously so it is a circumstance (a fact) or a result – you take massive action so that you finally understand something.
But I’m also thinking that when a student tells me « I don’t understand any of it ! » it is a thought because when I ask them what they didn’t understand in particular, we realise that they have understood some of it, if not all.
I wonder what your thoughts are on this… Thanks! Have a great day!
Nadège in Paris