Unethical Practice

Hi, I’ve just left a job (take 3!) and would like help with the following models:

Model 1:
C: Group email from colleague calling me a liar
T: I realise I did say something wrong unintentionally
F: Shame
A: Leave job, delete all emails, wonder if I’m a bad person/liar, look for evidence that I did this unintentionally and find it- that it was unintentional, I thought I was telling the truth, look for evidence that I am a bad person/liar
R: ?

There’s a backstory, as I’ve wanted to leave for 6 months so i reacted strongly and did.

Model 2:
C: Left job
T: This group is so corrupt
F: Relief
A: look for evidence for corruption and find it, reinforce what I suspected, feel relief that I’ve left
R: ?

Model 3:
C: Found evidence of corruption at former work, after leaving
T: This doesn’t justify me unintentionally misleading the group before I left
F: Shame
A: Spin about whether I should correct my incorrect statement, feel regret, obsess, second guess myself, try to justify my shame over error with the fact that there has been serious misconduct up higher in my former work
R:? no idea what goes here ?