Unexpected Exhaustion and Work

I work as an educator and leader at a school and I’m re-building my life coaching business. Over the summer I worked virtually as a tutor working 10-12 hrs a week. With the rest of my time I slept well consistently (meaning I had 7-8 hrs per night and woke up refreshed and energized). I also spent 3 hrs every morning on my self-care routine and self-coaching before starting work activities.

Well, the school year begins end of this week and everyday last week was teacher and admin professional development and planning. I worked 32 hrs last week, which included commuting to different on-site locations, interacting with 100+ staff, leading sessions, starting my work day 2 hrs earlier than I had been all summer, and being quite physically active during the day.

I did not anticipate how tired and exhausted I ended up feeling from this new demand on my body and mental faculties. I also experienced sleep disturbances multiple nights which led to me feeling lethargic in the mornings. I haven’t worked in person since March 2020 and haven’t had a schedule like this since before that.

Last week I ended up doing 1/5 of the actions on my business as I had the entire summer.

My school work schedule is lighter this week, but I am still commuting on-site a couple days. I did MHO yesterday and planned for today to be a jumpstart back into life coaching biz actions as well as revisiting the self-care and self-coaching routine that worked so well for me all summer.

Well, I experienced insomnia throughout the night into the early morning today and was actually awake when the alarm was scheduled to go off. I said “Fuck it. I’m too tired. I’m staying in bed.” I’m still in bed as I write this.

I feel exhausted. And guilty. I think I need to take advantage of the days I’m not working for the school to progress with the biz. I feel sad, tired, and want to just spend the day in bed. I report on-site tomorrow mid-morning so I’m giving myself a 3-day weekend (aside from a meeting I have in 4 hours).

I’m scared that my energy levels will slow down my life coaching biz progress. I want to leave my education job a year from now. I want work that is 95% virtual. I’m afraid that MHO calendared items this week might not get fulfilled.

I want to feel mad compassion for myself all this week and I want to experience good sleep so I wake up energized and refreshed. For now, I will continue to hang out in bed resting until it’s time for me to get ready for my meeting.