Unexpected expenses

I’m totally new to SCS and I’m diving in to the money side of it since this is were I struggle most. I have done Belief’s part 1 and have made some models. They make sense and I’m getting some clarity. But I struggle with one. One belief that I have is that money dissapeares if I have it for too long. If I don’t use it for everyday living and have something left at the end of the month I ALWAYS get some unexpected expense that eats it all up. I don’t even know if this is something I can change with my thinking but I really hope so.
When I do the Model it looks like this
C – Expences
T – Unexpected expenses will take all my money
F – stress, unsafe
A – I use all my money fast
R – I have no money

And this makes every unexpected expenses even more stressful and so the loop goes on. I just don’t see a way out.
If I change the Model to
T – I can handle every expence
F – trust in myself, safe
A – don’t spend all money
R – Have money for unexpected expenses

It looks so good. But I just don’t see it translating to the real world. I never have extra money because the unecpected expenses always eats it up. I can’t se how just changing my thought is going to change that. Maybe it’s because just changing this thought isn’t enough? Because I have to work with other stuff too at the same time?
I just need to know if I’m heading in the right direction here or gets lost in my head.
Thank you so much for your time!