Unexpected jealousy

C: I am N. a man dating a girl, V, who has been for a long time a friend of mine and of all my friends. Me and E., another guy, are best friends, we both know V. V has been recently deepening her friendship with E. and says “very happy of their close conversations and connection”
T: She has a better connection with him and will ultimately prefer him over me
F: jealous
A: act annoyed with V., try to push E. down, try to show to V. E’s weak spots, picture in my mind images of E and V eventually dating
R: do not show up for who I am, lose connection with her

Importantly, I have always cared E’s opion, and historically felt often insecure with him, being victim of my own perception of his judgments. So there is some insecurity, scarcity thoughts coming from me comparing to him, so feeling envious, something that I have done a lot in the past.
I now enjoy and loving deeply being myself no matter what the rest of the world thinks or does. I am definitely improving on that side, but still that is a long process, so in the meanwhile would you suggest focus on just feeling jealous and not making it mean anything, or to shed curiosity over my thoughts about me and V, me and E and me and myself? These a lot of work, feels like it would demand a lot of energy attention and intention that I need for my impossible goals and other areas I am opening up around. Thanks in advance.