Unexpected thought work about my bike

This is a mini success story!
I am used to bike to and from work everyday. Yesterday afternoon the weather was terrible, with cold wind and rain, and I had to work late. When it was time to go it wasn’t raining anymore but it was night with strong cold wind. I was thinking: it is terrible, I can make an exception tonight and take the subway, it will be too hard, that’s no big deal.
And then unexpectedly I was thinking: But I can do hard things! I committed to bike to work, it is a constraint I gave to myself, and I don’t want to use my brain energy to make decisions about that! Moreover I love wind. And the cold will help me burn some more calories. And help my body adapt to the winter that is coming, so I will be more confortable with the cold.

And of course I took my bike and everything went fine!