Everything about divorce seems unfair. After cheating and lying, and generally harassing me, he has now moved to the other side of the town and insists that he will only do 50% of the transfers, and is completely inflexible about even what makes sense. He will refuse to let me pick up the children at a location near my house, having a babysitter pick them up and bring them to his house, just in time for me to pick them up at their house and drive them all the way across town back to my house.

My daughters are spending an unnecessary hour of time in the car. That’s just one day. I think the judge will think it’s a nit-picky annoyance, which it is.

I’m basically angry that there is no justice or remedy for a long list of things he is able to legally get away with. I’m not sure what to do about feeling things are unjust.

C: lawyer said “you did not specify specifically enough your separate property possessions in your trust so you would not win in court over separate vs community property of property you bought with separate $ after marriage – so now he will get half even though he acknowledged it was yours in trust”
T: He’s a jerk. (I’m getting screwed)
F: Anger
A: Ruminate about how I should have done things differently, how unfair it is, how I trusted him and he betrayed me
R: ???