Unilateral decisions

Been a scholar for a while now and am embracing so much. My issue is that I understand that people get to be the humans but what if the decisions the humans make effect you? I understand that my husband can do whatever he wants however he makes decisions unilaterally that effect me as well and I have a hard time letting that pass. 🙂

I know he does what he wants but what if he just makes decisions about my time, money etc and I am not consulted? I guess I get to chose how I show up. I get to love him any way but don’t I get to love myself as well and have a say as to my time?

For example. Our money spent on things that I have no say on. His son scheduled to come without a say. Him making plans when we have time together and having no say. Is this my manual too? Can’t this piss you off and make you feel voiceless?