Unintentional Model

C – I make X/month from my job.
T – I deserve better. My employers underpay.
F – Resentful, Small
A – Not give my best, not find ways to give more value to my employer, just do bare minimum, get angry with them, not ask for a raise, not look for opportunities outside work
R – Not make more money within or outside my job. I stay the same.

Thoughts to practice:
This is exactly the money that I should be making.
I have capacity to make more.
How can I give more value without working more hours
How can I blow my own mind and my employer mind.
How can I find ways to give more value

These are the thoughts that would help me.

However, I still tend to believe the old unintentional model on how I deserve better and how my employers don’t pay me well. Can you help me with this?