Unintentional model gives me anxiety but I am ok with the result

Hi there !!
For the first time since I am a scholar I experience an unintentional model which gives me anxiety but I am still ok with the result. Can you check it for me ?

C : My parents will retire in one and a half years
T : Their financials are tight. They will maybe not have enough to live comfortably.
F : Anxiety
A : I am spinning, looking already for a lower rental opportunity. I am sending them what looks like good ideas as an investment, running several scenarios to see what is the best option. Discussing with my sister if we cannot support them financially anyway.
(I am doing those to feel better and relieve my anxiety)
R : I am doing my best to support them

What do you think? Is it possible to feel a negative emotion and still have a positive result?

Thanks !