Unintentional Model Practice – R lines

Hi, could you please check my 3 UMs below? I want to make sure I’m getting the correct Rs.

C: I step on the weighing machine; It shows the number of X.
T: This is taking so long.
F: Exhausted
A: Ruminating about how this is taking so long, Not managing my mind, Wanting to give up
R: I prove to myself that this is taking so long; I create evidence for myself that this is taking so long.

My relatives commented to my parents about my decision to leave my religion. Here’s my model about that:
C: Parents said to me, “Do you know what we have to hear about you?”
T: These people are making my parents sad.
F: Angry
A: Ruminating about it. Trying to control how my parents are feeling. Not interacting with my parents in a calm way. Being unable to give logical advice (the advice I’d want to be giving) to my parents.
R: I’m not figuring out the way I want to be showing up in this situation / towards my parents.

C: I created an Intentional Thought for myself.
T: It’s hard to form a habit of thinking this.
F: Helpless
A: Procrastinating. Not taking initiative. Not trying to figure out how I could be making this change of believing my International Thought.
R: I prove to myself that it is hard.