Unintentional Model to Intentional Model

If you run an unintentional model and the result is negative and one you do not want, should you then run it through the intentional model to get to the result you do want? Example:

C: Our pediatrician said my girls need to be conscious of how much they weigh
T: I am failing my girls.
F: Guilt
A: Worry, talk to friends, research, analyze what they eat and what we have in the house for food, talk about food choices, compare to other girls their age
R: The girls have issues with food and blame me.

C: The girls bodies are changing as they enter adolescent/pre-teen ages.
T: My girls are healthy.
F: grateful
A: we discuss health and food, food choices, moderation, healthy lifestyles, balancing our choices, relationships with body and food
R: The girls are self-confident and healthy.