Unintentional Model vs. Intentional Model

I hit the send button from my phone by accident as their is no return button when using the app so the first question I had about this wasn’t complete. Anyhow, you can ignore the original question but now even after typing it all out again I can see I’m creating my own “drama” and/or problems as it’s keeping my stuck. I need to move on so I can create a better life!!!!

However, I do thought downloads every day, they are on mostly negative (which is an eye opener since I thought I was a glass full person) or just highlight all my problems. I do models on them. I don’t understand how the process of change will take place. Do you just focus on different thoughts? I realize your thoughts are optional. For instance, I have a thought “I wish I could stop worrying about money” or I have a thought “I’m still having a hard time wrapping my brain around that my thoughts created situations that have nothing to do with me but w/in my family” Yes you get to choose how you think about a circumstance but this is after the fact that the circumstance happened. How do I change my thoughts so I’m attracting a better life? I also have a hard time doing an intentional model that will lead to a different action or picking a different action. Do you pick the action first?

Here’s a model (I do have a few thoughts here but they all lead to the same feeling and action):

C – I have debt
T – I wish I could stop worrying about money, I’m back in the same situation, I don’t plan well for unexpected expenses, I’m careless with money.
F – Fear
A – paralyzed, don’t look at my finances to create a plan because they create more fear, I keep paying my debts so my credit doesn’t get bad but I’m not tracking or curbing my living expenses or saving.
R – Paralyzed – I remain in more debt

One more question — which line is supposed to match??