Unintentional vs Intentional Models – how to do it?

I was introduced to this work when I signed up for Brenda Lomeli’s weight loss course, and I joined Scholars to dig deeper into it. Brenda teaches to do two models every day – one unintentional (not aligned with goals) and one intentional (aligned with goals). My question is, should I continue that work every day? What if today, my thought is only “intentional”? What if I don’t even want to do the “unintentional” model, if I’m just thinking this thought:

C: My eating style
T: I am going to figure out how to live life at a weight I love, with an eating style I love.
F: Excited
A: Keep going for healthy foods that nourish my body, with the occasional treat to enjoy just for fun. Keep doing thought downloads/brain dumps and TFAs daily to weed out thoughts that don’t serve me, and replace them with thoughts that do. Keep studying the work in Scholars and Brenda Lomeli’s course. Keep refining and getting better and better. 🙂
R: Figure this out! No more weight struggle! And enjoy an eating plan I love.

(Also, if there’s a resource where I can go in depth with this specific process – intentional vs unintentional thoughts, please do point it out. Thanks!)