Unique Ability – lp

I’m listening to podcast episode #159 Time Management: Making Time in which you talk about focusing on our unique abilities and saying no to things outside our unique abilities and delegating them. I’m working on my thoughts about my job which are really really negative. And one of the things I wonder is about whether the job is just not within my set of unique abilities. There for sure are lots of things about the job that I could definitely be better at and things I just don’t like doing and have a ton of resistance towards and for sure there are people out there who are better at them than me. And so I wonder if it’s all a thinking problem where if I clean up my thoughts it’d be a great job or if it’s also partly that it’s not a good fit for me and my unique abilities. The fact is I’ve had the job for over three years. I like design and branding and I don’t like the technical side of web servers and email and that stuff. It’s just not where my strengths are, I don’t really understand it and I could get better at those things but I also think why focus on getting marginally better at something that doesn’t come naturally when I could focus and do the things I have a natural proficiency at. I feel like I am not alllowing myself to face this truth about the situation and instead use it as an excuse to hate myself and beat myself up. How do we know when something is in our unique abilities or not?