Universal truth

I’ve had this question for awhile but wasn’t sure how to formulate it until now. I am sure you have a great answer–I just can’t figure what it could be:)

I listened to your most recent Jess Lively podcast this morning where you talk about “universal truth.” I have always believed that there are Universal Truths that govern how the world works, along with natural consequences for actions etc. I have heard you say things like this as well (i.e., instant gratification does not reap the same rewards as waiting and working hard towards a goal, such as eating emotionally vs. working hard towards weight loss and retraining the mind.)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I’ve heard you say things like “reality is whatever is true to you.” My big question is “how do we reconcile the two? Universal truth and personal truth(or what would you call it?)?” For example, say that a person believes that killing people brings joy and is fulfilling. They have positive thoughts about killing. On the other hand, let’s saying that the Universal Truth about killing is that killing in general is wrong and by the law of attraction will not bring peace, happiness, fulfillment, instead it will bring pain and suffering. However, to that person, their personal truth and belief is that killing is good. They will have positive thoughts about killing. Sorry to bring such a dramatic example–this is just an extreme that clarifies my question. How do we reconcile Universal Truths? We can believe something in our minds and have the most positive thoughts about it, making us feel good. But how does Universal Truth play into that? Hope my question makes sense!