I’ve been a scholar since January. I chose to join the program because of the amazing, unique tools that this program offers. But if I’m completely honest and transparent, I’ve been a terrible student. I’ve certainly not gotten my money’s worth but it’s because of me and no one else.
I retired in June of 2018 from a high stress, fast paced, road warrior position in corporate healthcare covering 8 states. The decision to retire has been fantastic but I’m looking for the new me and not working very hard at it. I did obtain my real estate license and have had 1 transaction in 15 months. Obviously, 2020 has had unpredictable challenges for everyone. We’ve also had a couple of deaths in the family and I’ve had to focus a lot on the aftermath of that with wills to probate and homes to clear of stuff. I’m just wondering why I have so little motivation and also wondering if this is the right time to be working on me?