Unnecessary Anxiety – MM

So I’m trying to run some models on my relationship with my partner and I am having some trouble. In September I had made an appointment for the two of us to see a therapist but canceled it after working on myself. I was the issue of course and I figured myself out in that particular situation.

Now since being in SCS since August I feel as though I’ve grown a lot and feel as though we need to go to the therapist. My partner, in my opinion, after nearly 3 years together absolutely does not like to feel anything. I’m learning to feel my emotions and it’s been difficult but necessary. He was married for nearly 20 years to a woman I have come to understand is a total narcissist. She was awful to him and perhaps as a result he has absolutely no self worth. I have suggested that maybe he should talk to a professional about how to deal with her but he doesn’t want to. I know I can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do but it would help I think. They also have a grown son who suffers from mental illness and no one seems to be doing anything about it. He lives with his Mom and whenever my partner tries to help she just tells him how horrible he is and does not understand because my partner isn’t there. I have ve been told by his family that he would rather not deal with his ex because she’s so nasty but I sometimes feel like something needs to give.
His dad passed away this year too and it kind of seems like he wouldn’t let himself feel that either. Again, all my perspective of course but when I try to communicate about anything real he doesn’t give me too much. I always say I’m here if he ever needs to talk and he says I know. I love him a lot and need a bit of insight.
Thanks Brooke!