unnecessary mental chaos

Every time I indulge in the notion of overwhelm/chaos/etc, I end up spinning out of mental control. I’m looking for ways to regain my sense of facts and structure, since I think I’m basically making a whole shitstorm in my head that doesn’t really exist.

Like, right now:

C: hurricane likely headed for us
T: this could be terrible again, or maybe the media is blowing it out of proportion for ratings
F: anxiety/overwhelm
A: procrastinate home preparations (getting things that could be dangerous if blown around pulled inside, etc), wallow in ruminating self-pity, don’t do anything for my work
R: I haven’t accomplished anything, I am stressed, I am no closer to being prepared for this likely storm, and I haven’t done any projects/emails for my work (all of which could have happened today).

What bridge thoughts could I maybe look to to create a more positive IM?

There is no reason I had to sit around all day, and if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last couple years, it’s that life can always be dangerous, nothing is guaranteed to go according to what I believe is the logical plan, and I can’t predict the future. So, pandemic, hurricane, maybe next year there will also be flying killer alligators. I’m trying to get my brain to reconcile the notion that none of these things prevent me from doing meaningful things that I either “need to” do or “want to” do, whether I can plan for specific chaos or not. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!