Unpaid Invoices

My vendor has been sending me invoices every week…so I thought. It turns out he was only sending me some of them. Then he sent them all at once. Some were over three months old. I created a model of what happened next.

C: 169 unpaid invoices
T: This will bankrupt me
F: Depressed
A: Panic, upset at him for not sending the invoices sooner, blame myself for not noticing, regret all of the spending I’ve done the past two months with money that wasn’t “mine”
R: Pay invoices with credit card and money from savings

Looking back I can see how this thought (which was pretty dramatic and I can laugh at it now 🙂 ) caused me to make an impulsive decision. But I have my back and I own the decision since it’s already been made. The money from my savings can be replaced and the debt can be paid off before my statement date…yay!

Still, I don’t like that my first instinct to pay my invoices was to go into debt and tap into my savings. I have a business! When things like this happen, I want my first thought to be something like “Okay I owe $$$ in invoices, let me go make the money”. But its like my brain chooses the safe and easy route. Now that I want to replenish my savings and pay off the debt I recently accrued, I would like some coaching on using my business to do that. It’s like I’m missing the confidence to do so or don’t feel control making the sales? I can’t really put my finger on the words