Unplanned protocol excursion

Hi Brooke,
I have been on a great protocol for 6 days and yesterday I went off protocol and had chocolate. (chocolate very bad for me, now I am breaking out and hands are a little swollen) That was not my plan so I am doing models around it. Good news is that I really wanted a glass of wine last night but remained uncomfortable instead. Woke up feeling so proud and relieved that I did not give in.
Here is my question…
I am planning to stay on this protocol for 2 weeks but since I slipped up yesterday should I start over again?

Another question here is ….. is this protocol sustainable?
I get really hungry btw lunch and dinner and it is only a 4 or 5 hour window.
My protocol is coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 in the morning, Salad with 4 oz meat, olive oil, handful of nuts at 12:00 or 1:00 and dinner around 5:00 – I am usually really hungry by this time. Dinner is cooked veggies with 4 oz protein and greek yogurt with berries for dessert.

Thanks Brooke!