Unprepared and fraud: 2 models with the same result?

Hi Brooke!

After being coached by you and Pam (OMG you guys are amazing by the way! So happy to be here) I uncovered what was really underneath my inaction to really step into being a life coach. In this month’s homework I was really able to see that I am buffering with busying myself with “important things so I can avoid taking real actions towards my goal of creating a program. Even though I’m already certified I don’t feel ready to take on paying clients (mmm another thought to run a model).

So here is my unintentional models:
C: Create a coaching program
T: I am not complete yet to be the coach I want to be, I still need to do other training.
F: Unprepared
A: I don’t show up and buffer with “important” things
R: No program created

And I realized I was feeling like a fraud when I started taking action towards my program creation. And here is the fraud model:

C: Coaching Program
T: How can I create a program if I am not “complete” yet as a coach and a human? Answer: I can’t create something yet, there is still a lot to learn and they will find out that I am not “complete”
F: Fraud
A: I hide, don’t even want to look into my ideas and tell people what I do
R: No program created

That got me fascinated when I as able to see that both models create the same result. My question now is how can I create a model where my C line matches the R line? Because this current models feel so real and I find it very hard to believe in other more positive thoughts at this moment.

Thank you so much for your work. The awereness that September homework is generating to me is SO POWERFUL (all caps) ^^. Love, M