Unprocessed feeling of inadequacy

I’m struggling to allow the feeling of inadequacy. Not sure the questions to ask myself to better understand why I feel the way I do. What are some questions or thoughts you have that I can use to process the following unintentional model?

Also, I notice I struggle to identify actions and results I create. Sometimes I look at my model and think “ok, what now”. Other times I have the ‘aha’ experience and can totally see what I’m creating by my actions-experiencing the transformative power of the model when I realize how much control I have over my experience. In this case I feel stuck. I see it intellectually, but feel like something is wrong with me in comparison to the individual in my circumstance.

C: Former spouse said “his girlfriend is a neuro PT and together they are training to teach special needs children snowboarding”.
T: There’s something wrong with me.
F: Inadequate
A: Get lost in thought loops, Buffer with Netflix, don’t do things I wanted to get done for day, look for evidence to support my inadequacies by comparing myself to others, resisting the feeling
R: Unprocessed feeling