Unrequited feelings

I first just want to say thank you so much for SCS. I heard myself talking to my workbook today and recognized that even though I don’t always do it as ‘perfectly’ as I’d like, I do dig into the amazing material you provide and I really am feeling better. It might not be a big concrete business or weight loss goal, but it’s why I joined and I’m really proud of that. I never would have felt like that before SCS and you! I’m very grateful to have you as my coach. So, my question is about moving on from unrequited feelings. I developed strong feelings for a colleague at work, and I found out on Friday that he has started seeing someone else who works in our organization. I normally would have spent the weekend eating ice cream and drinking wine and commiserating with my bestie, but I’ve been doing lots of models instead. Plus commiserating with my bestie 🙂 My intellectual response is that I want to feel neutral or accepting about this C, but if I’m honest, I really still want him to want me. Yes, I’m making him wanting me (and not wanting me) mean all kinds of things about me, but I also genuinely like this guy. How can I help myself accept this C and/or feel the negative emotion about it, and then move on? Is moving on coming up with a new thought? I’m at a loss for what that thought might be. Thank you!