Unsupervised brain 2

Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t spend all of your time with your kids?
C- I am a working Mum
T- I am missing out on time with my kids
F- Deprived
A- Thinking that when I die – I haven’t used my time the way I want to. Thinking – I am serving/looking after all these strangers at work and I am not spending time with/looking after my kids. Thinking having 2 income is much more comfortable and makes more long term financial sense in terms of retirement, but is this what I really want? Deep down I don’t mind working when the kids are at school (well, the first one is at school, but the second one is 2.5 so he is still at home with my parents when I work- which is a problem because I just want to stay home). Judging myself. Doubting myself
R- Feeling stuck

There are more empowered options here – change my thinking or change job. But I agree, going deeper into the unintentional model, really understanding it will help me eventually make the intentional model that I believe in.

Why exactly are extended iPad time and nappy rashes an issue?
C- Kids watching ipad for 4 hours
T- I am scared they become stupid
F- Worried
A- Thinking I am a bad Mum for letting my kids become stupid (well, or at least all these talk about screen time says so). Thinking why is my Mum not respecting my values/rules about screen time – then overgeneralising this to my Mum doesn’t respect me in everything. I tend to become vindictive and not respect/love my Mum, not being warm to her.
R- I am anxious