Unsupervised brain 3

We’ll take the first model you provided-
T: I am missing out on time with my kids
Is it possible that this thought isn’t true?
Why might it not be?

Straight away there is rejection – of course this is true. Out of everything in this world, time is the only limited resource. If I am at work, then I am not with my kids. If I am at work then I am missing out on time with my kids. How can that not be true?

My brain can offer “you are spending just the right time with the kids”

But this is sounding so unbelievable to me.

I was staying home for 18 months with each baby so I know what spending time with kids was like.

There are a lot of scarcity models – the kids will grow up – and they will want less time with me – and this fact I can accept (or I think I can accept, or maybe not). So my ideal is to spend as much time as possible with them now, and when they are “leaving my nest” then it’s fine. I’ve had my time with them.